Spray Tanning Fate Extentions and Ladies Hair Dressing in Beckenham SE London
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Other Treatments/Services (Mobile or at my Salon) 


      - All aspects of hair
    - Spray Tanning
    - Waxing
    - Eye Tinting
    - Manicures
    - Pedicures
    - Eyelash Extentions
    - Make Overs


 Manicure or Pedicure 15 or 20 which includes take off old.

 Full luxury manicure  25.00
 Mini manicure  15.00
 Full luxury pedicure  25.00
 Mini pedicure  15.00

 Full leg  25.00
 3/4 leg  20.00
 1/2 leg  15.00 

 Bikini  15.00
 Brazilian  25.00
 Under arms  10.00
 Lip / Chin wax  5.00/each
 Full arm  15.00
 Half arm  10.00
 Patches  5.00
 Back/Chest/Stomach from  10.00 Negotiable
 Eyebrow Wax/Pluck  10.00/each
 Eyebrow Tint/eyelash tint  10.00/each
 Eyebrow and eyelash tint   15.00
 Eyelash Extensions from  35.00 to 55.00


Tint and glue tests are necessary for new clients 24 hours prior to a treatment

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